Experienced Trial Lawyers

Actual experience in the Courts and Agencies is important.  On a daily basis, we are involved in the Courts and Agency systems.  We strive to maximize the recovery for our clients in the most efficient manner and represent every client in the way we would want to be represented.  It is one thing to run a TV Ad about being a Trial Lawyer, it’s another thing to be in the Courts seeking the best outcome for your client, we do that every day.

The Attorneys at Lang, Xifaras & Bullard are experienced litigators.  In order to represent a client effectively, an Attorney must have the ability to seek the decision of a third party (i.e., Judge, Jury, Hearing Officer, Arbitrator) if the Parties reach an impasse in settlement attempts.  When there is no possibility of resolving the case, it is necessary to file a lawsuit, or a petition for redress, in the various State and Federal Courts as well as Agencies.  Once a Complaint or Petition is filed, the parties will commence in Discovery and engage in Motion practices, which eventually with either lead to a settlement or disposition of the case by the Courts.

We have tremendous experience in litigating cases in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury i.e., automobile accidents, slip and falls, product liability, catastrophic injury cases as well as wrongful death cases. We have represented thousands of individuals in personal injury cases.
  • Our Workers’ Compensation practice dates back to 1978. Workers’ Compensation is a specialized area of the law in which we have represented thousands of injured workers.  Also, since 1978, we have practiced before the Social Security Administration representing clients in applications and appeals for disability benefits.  We also apply for and contest short-term and long-term disability insurance policy claims for our clients.  Our practice regularly processes and contests State and Local Retirement Board applications for our clients either alleging regular retirement or disability retirement.
  • Our business litigation practices involves disputes between consumers and businesses, business-to-business disputes and disputes between business owners and shareholders. We have a very strong presence within the Courts regarding family disputes which arise out of the distribution of Estates and the challenge to Wills.
  • The firm is very active in Civil Rights and discrimination cases both at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination and in Superior Court and the Federal District Court. Over the years, we have filed numerous Appeals and, in several cases, have made new law.

The agencies that we regularly appear before are:

Department of Industrial Accidents

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Department of Unemployment Assistance

United States Department of Labor

Massachusetts Labor Relations Commission and the National Labor Relations Board

Massachusetts and Local Retirement Boards

Massachusetts Division of Insurance (Surcharge Appeals)

Local and State Licensing Agencies, i.e. professional, trade, and liquor license agencies

Local Zoning, Planning, and Licensing Boards

It is not unusual for our firm to seek Alternative Dispute Resolution for our clients either through formal Mediation or Binding Arbitration.  We look forward to working with you, your family or your business.