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"When selecting a lawyer, most people wait until they have been involved in a car accident, suffered an injury at work, are faced with a divorce or have experienced a death in the family - but that's often the wrong time."

Our Attorneys

At Lang, Xifaras and Bullard, we would like you to consider making us your family's lawyers before you need us - just as you pick a family doctor, dentist or accountant. This way, you can get to know us, and we can get to know you and your family. Then, if an emergency arises, you can call on attorneys who you already know and trust.

Scott W. Lang
Peter C. Bullard
Susan Forgue Weiner
Gigi D. Tierney
Julie K. Peterson
Andrew R. Lang
Catherine B. Kramer
John M. Xifaras
Lloyd Macdonald

Our Clients

We have lawyers admitted to practice in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and the District of Columbia. Our clients are individuals and families, as well as business throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We have represented unions, municipalities, corporations, LLCs, local businesses in manufacturing, the health care field, banking, the fishing industry, and building and trades, to name a few. Since 1976, we have represented athletes, artists, writers, actors, producers and models. We have had extensive experience in election law and economic development. Each day we strive to represent our clients’ best interests.